Review: The Leather Bottle, Earlsfield

When the sun comes out and we’re hungry (or just thirsty!) our default South London beer garden is The Leather Bottle in Earlsfield.  Easter Monday was one of these delicious days and we scurried out of the house in search of perfect outdoor sunshine and BBQ food.  Rows of picnic tables basking in the sun greeted us happily, and we were delighted to see that the BBQ was indeed fired up and churning out it’s trademark burgers and chips.

Quickly I was tucking into a cheeseburger with chunky tomato relish, ale onions, and salad, which was so tasty and comforting it was like all the best bits of a Macdonalds (the plastic cheese!) in a poshed up version for the sunglass wearing South London market. The chips are of the yummy skinny fries variety, and there are lots of them.

Pub burgers are often rather hit and miss, but this one nailed it, although it does come with a price to match – two burgers (one with relish, one with bacon) with fries, a child-sized hotdog and chips, a pint of shandy and a large orange juice and lemonade came to £42.

I think the setting makes up for the price hike though – a big suntrap garden with a sandpit for children to run merrily to and from, is worth it’s weight in gold when the sun is shining but you can’t be bothered to light up the BBQ yourself. I hope this is our first visit of many this summer – there are too many other dishes I want to try.

*This was first posted in April 2015.

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