Screenwriting, agenting, parenting, vomit-catching. This Mama Does all of these things, sometimes all at once. Plate-spinning (no, the BLUE one) is something all Mamas do every day and this blog is my homage to life after motherhood, as I try to figure out how to be a (not pants) Mama to two little people – the Little Man (3) and the Little Miss (1), while still doing all the other stuff. Mr Husband with the massive face also features.

I love eating, drinking (wine, gin, anything), cooking and feeding people so there is quite of lot of that too – after all, whatever else is going on, a girl’s gotta eat.

Then one day in a haze of potty training and chicken pox fuelled cabin fever I had an idea. Baby milestones are fab and everything but what about all the things that happen in between the firsts? How do we chronicle our own experiences of motherhood? And so the concept for This Mama Does cards was born. A little something to help parents navigate the everyday milestones of parenthood, with a smile and a photo (and a G&T!).

Christina Pickworth, This Mama Does

Me and Mr Husband