Life in the UK is difficult for so many people at the moment. On my own I’ve felt like there’s not much I can do to meaningfully help, but if we work together I think we can make a big difference by collectively donating our products, services and platforms to small charities that need them.



  • You pledge to donate products or services.
  • I connect with small charities to direct your donations to where they can help the most.
  • Where one small brand can perhaps only donate a couple of toys or pairs of pjs, when added to some books from another brand, towels from another and toiletries from another that’s a box of desperately needed things for a family, or women’s refuge, or homeless shelter who are struggling.

If you’re a brand who would like to help, please let me know on Instagram @thismamadoes or by email


For individuals wanting to help, here are some resources to find a local charity near you that’s in need:

Map of UK Baby Banks on the Stripey Stork website:

Directory of UK charities who need toiletries on the Toiletries Amnesty website:

Find a UK food bank – search on the Trussel Trust:

List of Independent UK food banks:

Find a Women’s Refuge local to you:

Find Homeless services local to you: