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Sometimes finding just the right gift can feel a bit stressful. Will they like it? Can I afford it? Will he think I’ve lost my mind? For me a lot of the pleasure of Christmas (other than the decorations, and the endless eating, and the casual way in which it becomes acceptable to drink at ANY time of day!) has always been in the gift giving. Sometimes I get it spectacularly wrong I’m sure, but I like to think Mr Husband has had it pretty good the last few years so I wanted to share some of my top present ideas for your significant other/father of your gremlins.

Pre-kids Mr Husband was an avid newspaper reader. Now sometimes when we buy the papers we do manage to open them, sometimes even read a little, but mainly we might as well rip up the money. So for all the news-missing Dads out there I recommend a subscription to DELAYED GRATIFICATION. They give you the news that really mattered, quarterly, from three months before, with the benefit of hindsight and considered analysis. So it doesn’t matter if he can’t pick it up for a week after it’s delivered, he can read it one page/paragraph/sentence at a time and it will still be old, but brilliantly executed, beautifully designed, news. Annual subscriptions start from £36.

Delayed Gratification

If he likes music, and particularly if he likes vinyl, then he’ll love a subscription to TOO PURE SINGLE CLUB. 12 limited edition numbered 7″ singles by a variety of new artists, one delivered per month, to help him feel his finger is still on the musical pulse, and give him an excuse to take himself off quietly to listen to them every now and again. A 2017 subscription is £50 for UK delivery.

Too Pure


For the discerning Dad drinker there are a number of good options beyond just buying him stuff to tip into his face (although if you’re going to do that then I recommend Nikka Whisky from the Barrel). If he likes vintage-styling (and especially if he liked Mad Men), then how about some silver rim roly poly mid-century Dorothy Thorpe glasses like these ones I got Mr Husband from the US one year for his whisky (try eBay or etsy).

Dorothy Thorpe glasses

There is also a lovely thing called a Whisky Water Dropper, because whisky is apparently better with a drop or two of water, rather than ice cubes which melt and dilute the good stuff. I got Mr Husband one from ANGELS’ SHARE GLASS which is pretty and practical for £20.

Angels' Share Glass

If he’s more into beer then BEERS OF EUROPE have a good selection of glass beer tankards that won’t break the bank and were popular with Mr Husband because they remind us of holidays abroad. Tip here: you want the 0.5 litre ones, not the 1l ones. My pregnancy brain last year meant we’ve ended up with 4 of each, and while Mr Husband isn’t a small man, the large ones are pretty unwieldy to lift. Especially with a couple of kids hanging off you. 0.5l tankards start at £3.49 each.

Beers of Europe

Mr Husband tells me he also loves the homebrew kit I bought him one year, even though he’s never actually managed to get it out of the box. It’s his New Year’s resolution apparently! There are lots available depending on what you want to spend (and how likely you think he is to actually do it!), you just need to be prepared for it to take up some some space somewhere. And as the yeast needs somewhere warm you can’t just stick it (him) in the shed… I bought Mr Husband’s from BALLIIHOO – starter kits are from £18.99.


For the art-loving Dad then how about a limited edition print? We are loving these gorgeous RED FACES PRINTS designed and made by a South London mama, and with so many to choose from there’s bound to be one of a place that means something to you. Limited edition A3 prints are £45 unframed.

Red Faces Prints

And of course, the must-have stocking filler for all the Dads out there – a pack of This Mama Does DADDY cards for just £9.95! Whether he wants to tell the world he’s a PROUD DADDY, I NEED A PINT, or that he’s DADDY COOL, these alternative milestone cards are a fun way to celebrate the everyday realities of fatherhood. Because all Dads do incredible things every day for the little people they love. Sometimes they just need beer as well.

This Mama Does DADDY cards

Lastly but by no means least, I couldn’t do a Dad gift list without including some socks! Mr Husband loves the sock subscription I got him from HENRY J SOCKS – lovely bright, good quality socks, which arrive once a month for the gift that keeps on giving. Subscriptions start at £5.99 a month for one pair.

Henry J socks

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