Ramblings: This Mama Does

The last 3 weeks have required a bit more alcohol consumption than usual. That is saying something.

We’ve potty trained the Little Man, started baby-led weaning with the Little Miss, and moved her into her own room (sob). They’ve also both had chicken pox, (Little Miss still on-going), and of course there’s been no let-up in the usual daily slog of work, endless laundry and night feeds.

Somewhere in all the mayhem, 2 weeks and 5 days ago to be exact, as I was doing what mothers do, and doing all of the above, at once, whilst trying not to swear (too much), I got to thinking about how we chronicle our own experiences of motherhood.

Have you seen baby milestones cards? They celebrate the baby being 4 weeks old, the first smile, the first tooth, the first step, etc. But what about us? What about the everyday survival of mothers everywhere? When you’re gritting your teeth, wondering how your day got reduced to shits and tears, eyes on the clock for bedtime (or wine time).

The days are long but the years are short they say. But when the days are long and the shits and the tears (theirs and mine) keep coming, what is there to preserve a sense of humour?

And so This Mama Does cards were born. A fun alternative to traditional baby milestone cards and a little something to help all new Mamas navigate the everyday milestone of motherhood with a smile and a photo (and a G&T!).

I hope you like the cards! I hope you can use them to share your shit day and feel like you’re not the only one having a shocker, or raise a joint cheer for wine o’clock.

This Mama Does, not this Mama can or this Mama will, This Mama Does. Because all Mamas do incredible things every day for the little people they love. Sometimes they just need wine as well.


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